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To inject vitality into the ATOR ecosystem, we are conducting a reward token airdrop event targeting $ATOR holders. Those who have received reward tickets, claim your rewards.
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The Network
The ATOR Network is an anonymous routing network built to be truly decentralized; no authority controls the flow of traffic. It will leverage the relay reward protocol, the distribution of our hardware, the interface for services and our growing operator community to scale massively.
MVP live Q1 2024
The Protocol
The ATOR Relay Reward Protocol incentivizes the relays that make up our DePin network. Registered relays can mine ATOR in real time for contributing their bandwidth to our network or to services.
Tokenomics paper
The Hardware
The ATOR Relay functions as a node in our network. Power on, connect to Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and earn ATOR tokens seamlessly for contributing bandwidth!
Presale-1 Sold Out
64 Bit Quad Core
1 Ghz Processor
4GB LPDDR464 Bit
Dual Channel
eMMC 128GB
Crypto Auth
Encryption Chip
Metallic Anodized
Live Operation
Debug Signals
Automatic Fans
& Ventilation
One Gigabit
Ethernet Port
Wi-Fi 5
Version 5
USB Setup
Setup via USB
Secure Install
USB Type C
5 Volts 3 Amps
The New Backbone
of Internet Sovereignty
The ATOR Protocol leverages its Arweave L2 to distribute tokens seamlessly in accordance to Proof-of-Uptime
Technical Whitepaper
Run a relay to participate in global testing from 2024, using a virtual machine, DePin hardware or the ATOR Relay,
Relay Education
Truly Decentralized Anonymity
The ATOR Network will decentralize directory authorities, ensuring that no central entity can shut down relays, services or users.
Docs: The Network
Mine Through Bandwidth
ATOR Relays earn through Proof of Uptime - using a consensus weight determined collectively by the active relays
Docs: The Protocol
Built for Services
The network will be the universal interface for services that want to be private within our network, without the bottleneck of exit nodes.
Docs: Services
Gasless, Immutable Distribution
Users can claim their relay using a gasless signature and earn their rewards in real-time on Arweave L2
ATOR Dashboard
Open Source.
The Protocol is Free and Open Source Software. We encourage all public audits.
Tokenomics to Scale
ATOR and FinDas have teamed up to create a balanced system that combines sustainability and incentives.
ATOR Tokenomics
The Universal Anonymity Layer
Routing traffic through our globally distributed relays using layered encryption
Decentralized routing authorities and greater routing freedom
Built for services to be within the network, eliminating the 'exit node' bottleneck
Perpetual relay incentives split between relays based on useful bandwidth
Dedicated, high-bandwidth private circuits and service circuits through $ATOR
Seamless Participation
Accessible to all - any internet user can contribute to global privacy
Hourly rewards, distributed immutably on Arweave L2
A universal service interface and SDK to transition to our privacy layer
ATOR Relay Hardware for low-power, plug-and-play setup
Run the ATOR relay package on Linux x64 or ARM

Lifeblood of an Ecosystem

The ATOR Token serves as an essential part of the ATOR ecosystem - it forms the incentives for relays contributing their bandwidth to our network. It is also the gateway for participation in our ecosystem - from accessing dedicated relays for enterprise level bandwidth and a unit of exchange for third-party services to governance. We outline the current and planned applications of the ATOR token.
Tokenomics Paper
Incentivized Bandwidth
Scaling our bandwidth and network diversity
DAO Governance
Administer our global relay network
Specialist Hardware
Purchase our relay or onboard our own using $ATOR
Access services built directly into the network, with anonymity, redundancy and no bottlenecks
Fixed Total Supply
An on-chain token of recognition for contributing to our network
Hidden Gateways
and RPCs built into the network
Powered by  service pools on our Arweave L2
Dedicated Bandwidth
For enterprise and higher-bandwidth use-cases
The DePin gateway
Bring all your nodes into the network
Building a foundation
ATOR is ultimately built to be decentralized. But we are currently in active development, paralellizing hardware, protocol, community outreach, education and long-term planning. We have moved with breathtaking pace, and we are only accelerating.
Phase 1: ATOR Launch
  • Q1 2023 - ATOR ERC20 Token launched, with team present at ETH Denver. v1 Technical whitepaper released.
  • Q2 2023 - Gasless relay registration established and consensus weight metric finalized.
  • Q2 2023 - Relay Education series launched across written and video format.
Phase 2: Protocol and Relay Beta
  • Q3 2023 - BoM and PCB Prototypes for ATOR Relay
  • Q3 2023 - Full prototype of ATOR Relay
  • Q3 2023 - Scalable Validator and Smartweave Distribution services created
Phase 3: Reward Protocol Beta and Hardware
  • Q4 2023 - ATOR Protocol live on Goerli Testnet
  • Q4 2023 - First open testing of the ATOR Relay hardware
  • Q4 2023 - First pre-order of ATOR Relay Hardware
Phase 4: Building the ATOR Network
  • Q1 2024 - First MVP Anonymous-Routing Network
  • Q1/Q2 2024 - Decentralize and broaden directory authorities
  • Q2 2024 - Automate crowdsourced metrics provision and integrate with the ATOR Protocol
Phase 5: An Ecosystem for Services
  • A universal interface for all DePin services to operate within our network
  • ATOR Team's own services and endpoints
  • Introduction of third-party service pools
  • Private circuits for dedicated bandwidth and services
  • New types of traffic through our network for new use-cases, including those in conjunction with our hardware
  • Specialized services built directly onto relays such as storage and compute
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Our Technology Partners
Empowering Innovation Together: Meet Our Esteemed Technology Partners
Forte Group
Gold Hawks
Meet The Core Team
ATOR is made possible by our core team of experts. Our collective experience includes building one of Europe's largest social media, creation of seminal Arweave standards, leading global hardware products across commercial and civil defence, and years of building on-chain. What unites us is our single-minded drive to make true privacy the norm for everyone.
Anon Morpho
Strategist. Activist. Founder.
Christer Sørby
CEO of ATOR Labs. Creative Designer.
COO. Engineer. Techncial Communicator.
Matt 'Mikobu' LeBlanc
Relay Education Lead. Jack of all trades.
Social Media Strategist. Marketing Specialist.
Jim Toth
CTO. ETH miner since 2017. Arweave Visionary.
Dr. Andrzej Tuchołka
Lead Architect. PhD in Software Engineering.
The Atornauts
Our community of privacy advocates.
Hardware and Manufacture Lead. Firmware and Systems Expert.
Full-Stack Developer. Prolific Automator.